10 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You an Awesome Person

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel more? Maybe you have an opportunity coming up, or maybe you just need a little reminder of why traveling makes you awesome and why you should do more of it in your life. Either way, read on to find out exactly why traveling makes you awesome. Maybe it will convince you to take that next big trip and discover the world around you!

1) Helps you become a better photographer

The best way to improve your photography is to shoot lots and lots of photos. And one of best ways to do that is to travel. Whether you’re shooting landscapes or wildlife, wildlife or cityscapes, a camera-toting vacation can help you hone your skills and give you great insight into how other photographers capture their shots. It’s also just a great excuse for a little adventure.

2) Brings out your inner explorer

No matter where you go, when you travel, there’s always something to explore. When we’re exploring a new place or activity, we set aside our selfishness and focus on finding out more about what we’re experiencing. This helps us get out of our own heads and into everything else around us.

3) Opens your mind to new things

When you travel, you’re exposed to new people, traditions, languages, and cuisines. These experiences can expand your worldview and make you more tolerant of others. And while traveling isn’t a cure-all for prejudice, it is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet people who aren’t like you—which is why many companies encourage their employees to take vacation time when they can. If nothing else, travel gives you a chance to step outside yourself for a bit and see life from another perspective.

4) It’s never too late to travel

Many people don’t consider traveling as part of their lives because they think they’re too old, or it would be irresponsible to leave their job and family. Some people even get stuck in one place because they like their job too much to travel.

5) Teaches you what really matters in life

As Hemingway famously said, You go to travel for travel’s sake. Every good traveler is a bold adventurer. He has no luggage but what he stands up in, and would not have it any other way. There’s a lot of truth to that quote, even if it doesn’t sound as eloquent out loud.

6) Allows you to make friends from all over the world

There’s no better way to learn about other cultures than by talking with people who actually live in those cultures. This is possible when you travel and meet travelers from all over. If you take advantage of these new friendships, you’ll not only experience places in ways tourists never do but also connect with people that can help further your career or introduce you to their connections.

7) Shows you ways of living other than yours

You’ll be exposed to a variety of new cultures, customs and ways of life, which in turn will open your eyes to different points of view. Expats have reported that seeing how other people live has profoundly influenced their own personal philosophies. In fact, most people who spend time abroad say they feel more mature on their return home. The majority claim they’re far less judgmental than they once were – and are more willing to help those less fortunate than themselves.

8) Provides perspective on your day-to-day struggles

When you’re on vacation, your only worries revolve around whether or not to buy that stunning aquamarine bracelet. When you’re home, you have a thousand other things to fret about, from what to make for dinner to your career to whether or not Bill Gates will email back. By getting out of your element and letting go of some of these daily stresses, you give yourself time and space for self-reflection.

9) Cultivates gratitude and appreciation for the little things

If you’re always in a new place, constantly meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and environments, it’s almost impossible not to feel gratitude for all you have. In fact, studies suggest that people who regularly travel report greater levels of happiness than those who don’t. And isn’t being happy what it’s all about? If so, get going! Go abroad and enjoy yourself! Start living your dream life now!

10) Sharpens your problem solving skills

One of the best ways to develop your problem solving skills is by traveling. When you travel, you can’t avoid dealing with issues and problems that come up unexpectedly. When your plane is delayed or when you get lost in a new city, for example, it forces you to think on your feet and address these issues quickly.


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