The Top 10 Beaches in Denmark You Need to Visit This Summer

Denmark may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of beaches and sunbathing, but don’t underestimate this Nordic country, especially during the summer. While you may be thinking about heading south to Greece or Spain, Denmark actually offers some amazing beaches that are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities from surfing to windsurfing and kayaking, as well as lazy days on the sand. Don’t miss out on these top 10 beaches in Denmark you need to visit this summer!

1) Sønderstrand

If you’re looking for a quiet beach with pristine sand that feels like you’re on a secluded island, Sønderstrand is your destination. Lying along Jutland’s North Sea coast, only two kilometers from Grenå and between Aalbæk and Hanstholm, there are plenty of things to do in and around these idyllic beaches.

2) Skiveren Beach

Skiveren beach is one of Denmark’s most popular destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. Located north of Copenhagen, it’s a peaceful place where you can enjoy miles of sandy shoreline, or cool off with a refreshing dip in its waters. The beach also has an excellent restaurant for when you’re ready for lunch!

3) Bispen Beach

Is there anything better than dipping your toes into a cool, clear ocean after a long day? The small, sandy beach of Bispen sits high above Fyrkat Bay and overlooks Jutland’s rolling green hills. There’s not much privacy here, but what you give up in intimacy you gain in awe-inspiring beauty. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day during your visit, chances are it won’t be cloudy for very long!

4) Fur

The beaches in Denmark are well known for their white, sandy beaches and blue waters. The warm climate makes it possible to enjoy swimming all year long. Denmarks beaches are known as some of Europe’s best, but with so many possibilities, it can be hard to decide where to go. If you’re wondering what your options are, or looking for new ideas for your next beach getaway, here are some of our recommendations for enjoying a day at one of Denmarks most popular seaside destinations

5) Aarhus North Beach

Strandparken is a popular, sandy beach on Aarhus’s North Shore. The park itself has tons of playground equipment for kids, picnic areas, and a small pond for catching fish. If you’re feeling less active, there are plenty of places nearby with outdoor seating and refreshments. When it comes time to leave, you can walk home from anywhere on Strandparken; it’s easy to reach by bike or bus as well.

6) Givskud Zoo

One of Copenhagen’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions is Givskud Zoo. The zoo is home to more than 100 species of animal, including elephants, big cats, bears and rhinoceroses. It’s spread over 46 acres and has been described as a unique experience with animals roaming freely around fields and forests. Givskud Zoo is located in Central Jutland, about an hour from Aarhus or Viborg by car.

7) Hjerting Strand

Located on Køge Bay, Hjerting Strand (Hjerting Beach) is a long beach of fine-grained white sand that is perhaps one of Denmark’s most famous and popular beaches. If you want to enjoy a pristine location away from busy crowds, then Hjerting Beach might be for you.

8) Klitmøller Beach

Klitmøller beach is located in Jutland and is a popular vacation spot because it offers beautiful beaches, plenty of activities and good food. The area has many sand dunes, which are great for exploring or having a picnic on. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path vacation spot, Klitmøller is just what you need. It’s also a perfect place to stay if you enjoy hiking or biking as well as swimming and fishing.

9) Løkken Strand

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a sunset stroll on one of Europe’s most spectacular stretches of sand. Løkken is just a two-hour drive north of Copenhagen, making it an easy day trip from the capital city. In addition to its gorgeous vistas, Løkken is known for having Denmark’s softest sand.

10) Thy National Park

Thy National Park, situated on Jutland’s west coast has a wild beauty all of its own. It’s made up of grassland and beaches and is a great place for a picnic, but if you’re planning on exploring it properly then you’ll need some serious walking shoes and plenty of water, because getting lost in these hills is all too easy! Note that dogs are not allowed here.


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