10 Can’t-Miss Vacation Spots in Spain

Some of the most beautiful places in Spain can be found along the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, Andalusia and the Balearic Islands. If you’re planning on taking a vacation to Spain, or if you’re just looking to take a day trip from Barcelona, consider visiting one (or all!) of these great vacation spots in Spain! With their beautiful beaches, impressive architecture and delicious cuisine, you won’t regret your decision to visit any of these places… plus, they’ll look great on your next social media post!

1) Malaga

Situated on Spain’s southern coast, visitors flock to Malaga for its laid-back vibe and stunning natural scenery. In addition to a stunning coastline and nearby national parks, Malaga is home to dozens of charming villages, many with well-preserved medieval architecture. The city also hosts an annual carnival that draws over 200,000 visitors each year. If you’re trying to plan your next trip abroad, look no further than Malaga.

2) Madrid

No matter what type of vacation you’re looking for, Madrid is sure to have something that catches your eye. Take a long stroll through Atocha Station, or spend an afternoon shopping on Calle Preciados. Don’t forget to drop by Plaza Mayor! For a glimpse into Madrid’s past, head to Plaza de Oriente and take a look at Casón del Buen Retiro. Madrid has tons of history and culture just waiting to be explored!

3) Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city that’s full of history, culture and beauty. Whether you’re traveling to visit its famous landmarks like Sagrada Família or La Casa Batlló or taking in an art exhibit at Fundació Joan Miró, make sure you get out onto one of Barcelona’s many beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. You won’t be disappointed!

4) Girona

Traveling to Girona is like stepping back into history. Girona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with architecture dating back to medieval times. You’ll find these amazing buildings all over town, but particularly concentrated near Placa de la Independencia and Placa del Rey. This is where you’ll find tourist sights like Torre Bellesguard, Casa Fuster, Palau Reial Major and Museu Frederic Marès, among many others.

5) San Sebastian

With its beachfront setting, bustling art scene and delicious Basque food, San Sebastian is one of Spain’s most popular summer destinations. If you’re looking for somewhere offbeat to visit on a short break to Europe, then San Sebastian is an ideal choice. The city boasts spectacular beaches at Playa La Concha and Playitas – with an array of watersports available on both.

6) Seville

The city’s old town is built on a grid and features Moorish architecture. Visitors can explore cathedrals, mosques, churches, courtyards and other buildings dating back to more than eight centuries ago. It is one of only four UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Spain. Andalusia also offers some of Europe’s best beaches, including La Carihuelas beach near El Palmar.

7) Valencia

This Spanish city is a favorite for both locals and visitors to relax on a beach, listen to live music and feast on tapas. It has long been considered one of Europe’s most affordable vacation destinations, making it ideal for travelers who want a great getaway without draining their bank accounts. Valencia also boasts a bustling art scene with numerous museums—for instance, those devoted to Joan Miro, Picasso and Salvador Dali—that are worth stopping by while you’re there.

8) Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago, located just off Africa’s west coast. This group of islands, popularly known as Las Islas Canarias and also as The Canaries, is an autonomic community of Spain located about 150 km (93 mi) off Morocco.

9) Granada

This mountain town is only a three-hour bus ride from Madrid, so day trips are easy. Granada is ideal for a weekend getaway—it’s small enough to walk around and explore but big enough to have an energetic nightlife. And since it’s surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty, there’s no better place to enjoy time outside either (see below). The city’s best known for its Alhambra palace, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

10) Bilbao

Nestled on Spain’s northern coast, Bilbao is a beautiful seaside city with fabulous beaches, museums and art galleries. This port town on the Bay of Biscay is renowned for its Guggenheim Museum, which exhibits modern art—and is one of Europe’s most notable works of architectural prowess.


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